We Strive – We Rise

Yes She Rises

Over 9000 women and girls are still trapped in Karnataka's Devadasi Tradition

she has a right to dream

9000 devadasis are rising – they want a safe and a healthy life for themselves and their children, proper education and job opportunities

devadasis in north-interior are uniting

Welcome to Yes She Rises

No matter what caste or class, a girl has a right to a safe and a happy life. Right to education and a safe future.

Why Yes She Rises

Every devadasi mother has a right to dream of a safe and a happy life for her daughter. Right to education and support.

We are Yes She Rises

We are helping devadasi mothers to unite to empower themselves through providing language skills and vocational training.

I was seated inside a Surgi
children 2
Devadasi & daughter

Make her dream a reality

Be part of this exciting movement – Change her world – Champion her cause – see her rise

Why is it Important?

Strong women make strong homes – strong girls make strong societies – Your action will make a difference

What can we achieve?

Your support can change the lives of 9733 devadasis. A self-reliant devadasi can stop  dedication  of her daughter


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