Believe it's possible

By Shyama Parui

The fallen, the underdog, the weak, are labels that an oppressive person or society applies to individuals or groups it collectively wants to dismiss or taunt callously. Yet, time and again, these forgotten ones will prove you wrong and against all odds, rise to the challenge that life presents. Do the Davids of the world really score more wins than the Goliaths? In his interesting book titled, “David and Goliath”, Malcolm Gladwell presents the idea that difficulties do not necessarily mean defeat. There are so many individuals who have not only survived the trauma in their lives, but also succeeded because of it. They would not wish that kind of pain upon their children however, those excruciating experiences somehow propelled them towards their goals.

Look around you

The traditional stereotype of the Indian woman conjures up an image of a dependent, docile and domestic being. That is far from the realities of the two hard working female athletes, PV Sindhu and Sakshi Malik, who were the only Indians to bring home medals from the 2016 Olympics. Success in sports is not guaranteed even when participants have access to coaches, facilities, and a supportive family. Still, women like Mary Kom, hailing from rural India have excelled in traditionally masculine sports, despite the obstacles in their way. Look around you. There may be many such stories of unknown men and women, that are both humbling and inspiring.

Yes She Rises presents a genuine opportunity for you to contribute meaningfully in the education and empowerment of young girls and women.

The idea of liberating women and girls from the exploitative bonds of the Devadasi tradition may appear intimidating, but I invite you to open your mind to the possibility. Yes She Rises presents a genuine opportunity for you to contribute meaningfully in the education and empowerment of young girls and women. Nobody expects the climb to be easy or the summit to be reached in a day. What matters today is the start of that journey. It is time to tear off the labels and mobilize social change. Why? Because it is possible!

Ask yourself, “Will I be on the team of those who doubt or those who believe?”

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Shyama Parui is an ardent writer who enjoys writing about a variety of topics. In 2015, Shyama started writing her popular column “Namaskar Y’all” featured in Saathee magazine. Shyama’s candid observations and light-hearted humor appeals to readers, who can relate to her experiences. She has previously been a writer and editor for “Arani,” a magazine reaching out to the Charlotte area Bengali community. Shyama’s former career was in Human Resources and she has worked in major corporations as an Industrial and Organizational Development consultant. Her empathy and deep understanding of human behavior comes from her experience as a counselor. She holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology as well as a Master’s in Counseling. 

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