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Film Specs

Producer-Director-Script-Voice over: Indrani Nayar-Gall DOP, Cinematographer: Tuhin Saha Editor: Bijoy Ruj Duration Full: 43:35 Short: 19:15, HD Completion Date: 12-24-2016 The film has received seven laurels and The Outstanding Achievement Award at CICFF 2018. We want more people to know about these stories. Contact us to arrange a screening event.

We made an experimental documentary on the challenges to eradicating the Devadasi tradition. We sought out scholars, activists, former and practicing devadasis, to find out why and how this tradition persists in north interior Karnataka. Response to the documentary has been very encouraging.

Review: WilmFFilm was honored to premiere Indrani Gall’s powerful film Devadasi_NOW as we believe in its mission to spread awareness of the plight of these women. 

Stories of survival

Kasavva's Story

 “When I turned 12, my brother took me to Mumbai and tried to sell me to a businessman. As soon I realized it was a trap to commit me to prostitution, I made him bring me back to the village.”

After many ordeals Kasavva freed herself. Today she is a working mother of two and a volunteer for MASS

Rekha's Story

“My grandparents decided to make me a devadasi. At age 8 my Muttu (red & white beads) was tied. And when I reached puberty at 11 there was a big ceremony. They gave me away to a 35-year old man. My parents and grandparents forced me into this for money. Soon after I became pregnant and nearly died at child birth.”

Today Rekha is an independent woman. Her daughter is studying at a college

other stories

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Yellamma's Story

I was dedicated at 5. When I became 13 years they gave me away to a man who gave a gold chain and clothing. He stayed for five months. I will never dedicate my daughter to this tradition. I am sending her to school.

I was seated inside a Surgi

Story of L

After mother became sick my uncle threw us out of his house. I had to become a devadasi to support my mother and sister. The dedication was like a marriage ceremony. The priest stamped hot iron on my two shoulders

Devamma's Story

My mother, grandmother all were devadasis. I am the second daughter. They married off my sisters but made me a Devadasi. I was dedicated at a very young age. My partner doesn't support my children - I do.

New connections, new partners

Caroline Smith M K, our newest partner is bringing hope in the lives of devadasi mothers living in the villages near Hospet. 

Her credentials include Vice Chairwoman Bellary Dist. Minority Congress, Secretary of Hospet Anglo Indian Education Society, Secretary of Volunteers Club, Hospet

Beginning of a new story

The devadasi women begin their journey toward creating an independent life for themselves. Seen in this photograph is a group of participants with their mentor, guide and our local representative Manimala in the center, and far front left is the instructor of the agarbatti project.

Yes She Rises is working with 40 women participants from villages around Hospet.

Avengers of Ballari Karnataka! A group of dedicated volunteers working passionately. Vimukthi is our primary facilitator in the  former Devadasi_NOW Project- and now Yes She Rises

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